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Falling oil prices and Keystone: that goop might stay in the ground after all…

November 13th, 2014

Back when the idea for the Keystone XL pipeline first came out, I wrote numerous pieces suggesting that while I worried about the environmental impact of extracting and refining oil from tar sands–a particularly dirtier process–I figured that it was likely coming out of the ground, regardless of whether it ultimately went south through the… Read more

Global growth, the $, (under-priced) oil and their impact on US growth rates.

October 22nd, 2014

Those stalwart number crunching research economists at Goldman Sachs (i.e., not the traders) have a really interesting graph out this AM that packs in a ton of info on current growth pluses and negatives. The figure uses the Federal Reserve’s macro model (which is actually publically available now…and, yes, I will fire it up myself… Read more

The What, Why, and Will They Help of these New Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation

January 16th, 2014

So what the heck are these “manufacturing innovation institutes” that the President has been going on about?  Do we need them?  Will they help add to jobs in this key sector? I’ll explain what they are in a moment, but ‘yes’ we need their function to fill an important missing part of our innovation-to-production chain—an… Read more