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Stop the Presses! Some Maybe Kinda Sorta Pretty Good News from the Housing Market

June 5th, 2012

Those looking for something to feel at least a little better about in our economy should look to the housing market.  It’s not that home prices are reliably rising again amidst robust sales.  But prices do seem to have stabilized nationally, home sales and starts were up in the most recent reports, and according to some… Read more

What’s That Yer Readin’?

April 30th, 2012

Busy getting ready for Milken Institute presentation on tax reform this AM (I’ll post bullet points later), but a few pieces in the AM papers caught my (bleary, still-on-other-coast-time) eye: –If opeds against the “wisdom” of austerity ruled the day, Merkel, Cameron, et al would be crying “Uncle Keynes” by now.  Romer in yesterday’s NYT,… Read more