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Friday Music: “Happy” in Detroit

March 21st, 2014

OTEers know that I try to avoid viral music videos since you don’t need my help to stumble on them.  But I’m sorry–this one was just so darn cute, appealing, and musical that I had to post it.  It’s some kids from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences doing that recent hit song “Happy”… Read more

Musical Interlude: Don’t Let it Bring You Down

March 9th, 2014

From the can’t-get-this-haunting-melody-out-of-my-head department, here are two versions of Neil Young’s wonderfully dark “Don’t Let It Bring You Down,” a song I first got attached to around 44 years ago.  I was attending boarding school back then, and for some reason I have a vivid memory of a nice, quiet kid named Greg constantly singing… Read more

Friday Musical Interludes

February 14th, 2014

Here’s a guy making some uniquely great music all by himself on just an upright bass, in front of an audience member who appears neither very interested nor impressed.  (HT: Doug Hartline, my old pal from grade school!) And also, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s the great Sassy herself, aka Sarah Vaughn, asking the… Read more