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Some lynx: Unions, CBO’s new baseline, the Bernstein Rule…

April 9th, 2018

The teachers provide us with a teaching moment, over at WaPo. Their actions pose a stark reminder of the essential need for a strong, organized movement to push back on the forces promoting inequality, non-representative government, trickle down tax policy, and more. CBO released their updated “baseline,” or estimate of the US gov’t’s fiscal outlook…. Read more

Enough already with GDP growth…

April 2nd, 2018

Readers know I’ve long been noodling over measurement issues, whether it’s accurately measuring the economy’s capacity–and admitting we don’t have reliable, policy relevant gauges of potential GDP or a “natural rate” of unemployment–or maybe most importantly, measuring well-being versus growth. See this in today’s WaPo. Like David Pilling, whose book The Growth Delusion I highly… Read more

NYT oped: When it comes to trade-induced job loss, “don’t worry, be happy!”

March 29th, 2018

I’ve long hoped, probably naïvely, that one of the benefits of team Trump’s promotion of generally ineffective (or worse) solutions to the downsides of trade could engender a debate about better ideas. Of course, the debate will also generate some really bad arguments, like this one from economist Donald Boudreaux in this AM’s NYT. Boudreaux… Read more