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Media: Please don’t let policy makers use euphemisms for cuts in social insurance.

January 25th, 2017

Especially in the age of “alternative facts,” it’s really important for policy makers and especially journalists to use clear, transparent language. One area where that’s particularly germane right now is in regard to cutting Social Security and Medicare. Though many policy makers want to cut these social insurance programs, they rarely say “cut.” Instead, because… Read more

Woohoo! The On the Economy Podcast is Here!!

January 24th, 2017

Fans of music, economics (and jokes about economics), and intergenerational policy discussions: I’ve got a treat for you. Today marks the release of the first episode of the On the Economy podcast, which Ben Spielberg and I will be producing a few times a month. You can access it on SoundCloud or download it via… Read more

As I always say, don’t conflate trade deals with trade (or the trade deficit)

January 24th, 2017

Over at the NYT. Special for OTE readers, parts that had to be cut for space: “Since the mid-1970s, the US has regularly imported more than we’ve exported. Net exports (exports-imports) have averaged just under -4 percent of GDP since 2000. Trade deficits are by definition a drag on growth, and that’s especially true in… Read more