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Interesting “Coulds” Coming In

June 1st, 2011

Some deep thinkers have been coming up with some potentially useful “coulds” based on this recent post.  It’s a list worth keeping up and expanding on, at least until the unemployment rates hits…oh, I don’t know…5%. Again, let me stress that it’s once again walk-and-chew-gum time.  It’s just as important to keep the “shoulds” going,… Read more

BIG Thoughts…(and a request for a reference)

May 31st, 2011

I’ve been reading an historical novel—World Without End by Ken Follett—and it’s got me thinking about how Western civilization evolved from the middle ages to the age of enlightenment.  Though the action takes place well before the 18th century, there are hints of the movement from the thinking and institutions of the middle ages—dogmatic, mystical,… Read more