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The deficits generated by Trump’s budget are much bigger than CBO’s estimates

July 13th, 2017

The figure below, from Senate Budget Committee staffer Bobby Kogan, shows four different estimates of projected budget deficits as shares of GDP: –The lowest line is the administration’s own estimate, showing how if you buy their numbers–and if you do, I’ve got a bridge to sell you–the budget balances by 2027. –The next line up… Read more

Back from China and ready to roll!

July 12th, 2017

IE, to roll over and catch up on sleep after long travel. But glad to be back and looking forward to sharing some impressions and pics. A few preliminary thoughts (and one announcement about a cool upcoming event). –Obviously, you can’t summarize China, or any other country, in a bullet point, but if I had… Read more

Links: Recession risks; the really, really bad Senate GOP health plan; see ya later…

June 22nd, 2017

A few links to check out, both over at WaPo. First, no one knows when the next recession will hit though it’s closer now than when I started writing this sentence. But I’ve got two recessionary concerns: one, fiscal policy, both discretionary and automatic will be thoroughly insufficient due to the toxic mix of Congressional… Read more