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A few links, including a great, old, timely Pat Moynihan speech

December 30th, 2017

Over at WaPo: –I weigh in on the “will-the-tax-plan-help-or-hurt-the-R’s” debate. Lots of unknowables that will be known soon enough, but I suspect the plan’s largely negative first impression will persist. –Please, let’s avoid obfuscation. When politicians want to cut a program, do not let them get away with their favorite euphemisms, like “reform,” “fix,” “overhaul,”… Read more

Links, and a musical gift

December 18th, 2017

I contributed to this symposium on productivity growth in the The International Economy. I look forward to reading all the entries–they’re mercifully short–but I enjoyed mine! Boy, this tax debate has really been terrible. There’s been endless exaggerations and lies about trickle-down, growth effects, while evidence, facts, and the historical record has been kicked aside… Read more