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Real GDP’s still growing at ~2% on trend

September 30th, 2017

Here are the facts behind my tweet from earlier, on a point to which Dean Baker and I both objected. In an NYT oped from this AM, columnist Bret Stephens stated, “…the economy is finally growing above the 3 percent mark.” Nope (though, otherwise, I thought Stephens made a good point about contemporary R’s prowess in ginning… Read more

Tax roundup: Lies, lies, and more lies

September 29th, 2017

First, here’s a rough typology of the lies upon which the sales job for the Republicans’ wasteful, regressive tax cut is based. The tax cut won’t help the rich. 1a. It won’t help Trump. The tax cut will generate enough growth to pay for itself. 2a. Sec’y Mnuchin’s now going beyond this, claiming that it will… Read more

Links: Be ready, Ds. What happened to OT? Do R’s care about deficits?

September 26th, 2017

–First, from yesterday’s WaPo, when the pendulum swings back, assuming the nation’s still standing, D’s need to “be ready to launch thoughtful, vetted, well-understood and well-articulated plans in key policy areas.” I offer nudges in the areas of taxes, health care, poverty/inequality, and jobs. –The salary threshold for overtime pay should have been raised long… Read more