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The On-the-Economy Podcast: Episode 3 is here!!

February 21st, 2017

Ben and I give an overview of what full employment is and why it’s important, then bring in Slate’s very insightful Jordan Weissmann to discuss some of the Trump Administration’s comments about the labor market and how policymakers should think about increasing employment opportunities for people. Musical Interlude: “Driftin’’” by Herbie Hancock Jared’s Reading Recommendation:… Read more

Woohoo! The On the Economy Podcast is Here!!

January 24th, 2017

Fans of music, economics (and jokes about economics), and intergenerational policy discussions: I’ve got a treat for you. Today marks the release of the first episode of the On the Economy podcast, which Ben Spielberg and I will be producing a few times a month. You can access it on SoundCloud or download it via… Read more