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The new fiduciary rule: strengths, limits, and politics

April 25th, 2016

OTEers know I’ve long been concerned about economic security in retirement among aging Americans whose limited earnings and savings threaten to generate inadequate income replacement rates once they’ve aged out of the workforce. That’s one reason for my frequent scribblings on behalf of the new “fiduciary rule,” limiting conflicts of interest among financial advisors providing… Read more

True and important: trade deficits are not scorecards. But under certain conditions, they’re far from benign.

March 28th, 2016

Neil Irwin over at the NYT has apparently drawn the unenviable job of explaining what’s wrong with Trumponomics. His latest entry, on trade deficits, is framed around an important, overlooked point, but he misses some important nuances, and his conclusion re trade deficits as conditionally benign seemed pretty far off to me. As this is… Read more

NYT not equal to Fox

March 28th, 2016

President Obama makes some insightful comments in this piece about the toxic interaction between saturation political media and the terrible quality of the presidential campaign. He definitely misspoke here, however: “Some people are just watching Fox News; some people are just reading the New York Times,” Obama said in January during a YouTube interview…“They almost… Read more