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Um…About that Redistribution Thingie…

September 21st, 2012

Update: Nice WaPo editorial on this: “To tax is to redistribute. To govern is to redistribute. Benefits from government spending flow in different amounts to different individuals and different states.”   Lots a words flying around about who is and isn’t a “European-style-five-year-planning-redistributionist.” Let’s look at some facts. First, from some work by my CBPP… Read more

Makers, Takers, and YOYOs

September 20th, 2012

Well, it took a while, and an awfully circuitous route, but we’re finally getting back to the national debate we need to have, the one about the role of government. Unfortunately, it’s taken a terribly misguided, albeit revealing turn towards “makers versus takers.” What’s misguided about it?  It misses the dynamics of real lives in… Read more

How Not to Govern

September 16th, 2012

This morning’s papers are replete with details about the sequester—automatic, across-the-board spending cuts to the tune of about $110 billion in 2013—scheduled for next January.  They’re the lesser part of the much-lamented fiscal cliff, which also includes the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and a bunch of other cats and dogs.  If we go… Read more

You’re on Your Own vs. We’re In This Together

September 6th, 2012

In a speech that was as compelling as it was persuasive, President Clinton (“the hoarse whisperer to the middle class”—this AM’s WaPo) made a number of references to the difference between the two starkly different political philosophies: “you’re on your own,” and “we’re in this together.” These two different political philosophies came into stark focus… Read more