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Worrying About Net Exports (While Appreciating Their Recent Contributions)

February 2nd, 2014

Among the many economic things I worry about is X-M, or net exports (X=exports, M=imports). As I’ve stressed in these pages, and in joint work with Dean Baker, trade deficits—(X-M)<0—have been a significant drag of growth for many years in recent decades and thus one reason why job markets have been more slack than tight. … Read more

Steve Rattner’s Manufacturing Muddle

January 26th, 2014

NYT contributor Steve Rattner makes some good points about the state of US manufacturing in an oped this AM but the argument is confusing and unconvincing due to a pretty egregious omission. The good points are generally about the weak wage trends (I’m writing about wage trends for an NYT Economix column hopefully out tomorrow)… Read more

The What, Why, and Will They Help of these New Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation

January 16th, 2014

So what the heck are these “manufacturing innovation institutes” that the President has been going on about?  Do we need them?  Will they help add to jobs in this key sector? I’ll explain what they are in a moment, but ‘yes’ we need their function to fill an important missing part of our innovation-to-production chain—an… Read more