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Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 7/22 — 7/28

July 28th, 2014

On PostEverything: debunking the myth that President Obama is unfriendly to business, raising concerns over Paul Ryan’s new anti-poverty plan, and explaining how Ryan’s plan attacks the wrong problem and comes up with the wrong solution. Over at the Upshot: explaining the importance of shedding some light on dark pools — largely unregulated private stock… Read more

Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 7/15 — 7/21

July 21st, 2014

On PostEverything: a) pointing out the negative media bias surrounding the Affordable Care Act b) explaining why cutting corporate taxes won’t help the middle class. Testifying before the Joint Economic Committee on the progress we’ve made five years into the recovery. Describing why critics of June’s jobs report are wrong to say we have a… Read more

Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 6/30 — 7/14

July 14th, 2014

On PostEverything: looking at the real IRS scandal and explaining why it would a terrible thing for Congress to fail to replenish the fading Highway Trust Fund. On June’s employment numbers: previewing the data on Jobs Day Eve, giving my first impressions on June’s strong and welcomed report, and asking: what will it take to… Read more

Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 6/24 — 6/30/14

June 30th, 2014

On PostEverything: pointing out the White House’s missed opportunity on the federal gas tax and looking at government gridlock and its damaging effect on social policy. On the Upshot: evaluating the benefits of regional price adjustments for a minimum wage increase that makes more sense. Analyzing the role of health spending in the latest GDP… Read more

Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 6/17 — 6/23/14

June 23rd, 2014

–Pointing to my interview over at re the current health of the U.S. economy. –Debunking the all-too-common misperception that the poor don’t work. –Illustrating a brief history of slack in the U.S. economy. –Highlighting new recommendations from OECD and the IMF to strengthen the EITC for childless workers and increase the minimum wage. –Demonstrating… Read more