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Call For Submissions: Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers (Maybe)

May 17th, 2013

We haven’t done a YAIA (“you ask, I answer”) around here for awhile.  So, let’s do one! Got questions about any of the stuff we talk about here–unemployment, automation, jobs, full employment, income inequality, budgets, trade, taxes, state policies, minimum wages, growth economics, health care, Europe, financial markets, romance, great music? Submit your questions in… Read more


May 10th, 2012

Q: In a recent post on the fiscal cliff you seemed to assume that Congress will “go off the cliff” and then retroactively fix everything in Jan or Feb.  Assuming politics are about where they are right now—Obama wins and Congress remains divided—precisely what magic are you envisioning such that they all decide to work… Read more


March 5th, 2012

I’m overdue for one of these.  H/t to HS for help compiling. From my post titled, Poverty, Inequality, and the Stages of Grief: “What is it specifically about the wealthy becoming wealthier that is causing lower incomes to grow at a slower rate: how is their gain another’s loss?” If the structure of economic returns… Read more

YAIA (You Ask, I Answer)

December 16th, 2011

Q: Do we know what caused income stagnation or income inequality? Did they both start to occur at the same time? Can we even be sure that they are related? A: Technically, the link between stagnation for middle and low-income households and inequality is the distribution of economic growth.  That is, if the economy is… Read more