A beacon of common sense in a sea of madness

December 9th, 2015 at 8:22 am

Especially these days, I worry about our ability to accurately diagnose and effectively prescribe policy solutions to the existential challenges we face. But I take some solace that there’s always Diane Rehm, who I, along with many others, count on to explore all sides of the issues with plain talk, common sense, humor, and decency. When you enter that little radio studio of hers, as I’ve been privileged to do many times, the debate shifts from the usual DC “who shouts louder, who’s the best demagogue, who wins?” to the more substantive “who’s right?”

What’s more, you hear this same expression of gratitude from her callers, who invariably thank her for providing an all-too-rare space where they actually have a shot at understanding what’s going on with the issues of the day.

And talk about the issues! There’s no place the woman fears to tread. I’m sure it’s not easy to do an interesting hour on water rights, software encryption, or the gnarly guts of DC budget battles. But, with the help of a crack staff, she pulls it off.

Which is all by way of windup to what I read in my paper this AM: After the election, the 79 year-old host will retire, “ending nearly 40 years on the air.” What a loss!

Still, she’s done her part and I can certainly understand the desire to step down after all those years. And at least we’ll have her through the election. Speaking of that, I don’t suppose there’s any chance she’d want to be a write-in candidate…I know that might interfere with her retirement plans a bit, so just throwin’ it out there.

Anyway, thanks Diane, for setting such a high bar for our national dialogue. We’ll do our best to keep it there without you.

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