A Bit More on Obamacare and Part-Time Work

August 22nd, 2013 at 12:45 pm

Could it be that Sen. Ted Cruz and other rabid opponents of Obamacare were just waiting for some simple, convincing econometrics showing the lack of evidence regarding the law’s impact on the creation of part-time jobs?  If so, here it is, over at the NYT Economix blog.

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4 comments in reply to "A Bit More on Obamacare and Part-Time Work"

  1. rjs says:

    there are certainly plenty of anecdotes of companies altering their schedules to work around obamacare…

    the household survey data shows we have a record number of part time jobs overall, and a record number of multiple jobholders at 6,897,000…those who take a second part time job to make ends meet wont show up in the U6 stats..

  2. Andrew West says:

    Our President’s goal for healthcare reform is to “bend the cost curve,” an uninspiring and near meaningless goal. The US healthcare industry will exceed $3 trillion (20% of GDP) this year. Numerous studies have acknowledged that less than half of that amount is actual healthcare. In fact, most studies agree there is at least $1 trillion in waste, inefficiency and fraud – why isn’t that the target? Nothing in the ACA does anything to eliminate that waste and inefficiency. Nothing.

    By allowing the “industry” the opportunity to write this Law, the participants simply enriched and protected themselves. The result will be higher costs and additional taxes – not affordable healthcare.

    Our current healthcare industry is the most expensive in the world, yet we rank 38th in the world. Soon we will pass 20% of GDP and will become wholly unsustainable.

    It concerns me that so many people (for and against) believe the government will reform healthcare – what have they reformed before? Energy? Education? Agriculture? Anything? It’s delusional to believe that the ACA will do anything more than raise revenues for the insurance industry and our government – that’s why it will fail. It shouldn’t be a surprise.

    Unless and until someone presents a real solution, one that saves $1 trillion and delivers more healthcare, it will not be fixed. This conversation is a complete waste of time because there is no point in arguing a Law that only makes the situation worse. The GOP has no plan other than “status quo.” But, there is hope – look for a solution in the coming year as this latest government reform (written by industry participants) derails without ever making a real difference. America can have a fair and equitable healthcare system if it is designed that way. Changing a few rules and mandating insurance coverage does not deliver more or even better healthcare, it just creates a bigger problem.


  3. Greg Hill says:


    Enjoy your posts! Any chance you could send me your little model, assuming it’s in Excel?

    Best, Greg

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      I just regressed the change in the log of the ratio of pt workers for economic reasons over civilian employment against the unemployment rate and six lags, a constant, and a dummy var that was 1 starting in jan94 due to a survey change. All the right-hand side vars are entered as changes so the dummy is just ‘1’ in jan94. I used monthly data starting in jan55 through jun09, and forecasted forward using actual unemp rates.