A Revenue-Generating Player to be Named Later?

July 21st, 2011 at 3:07 pm

Like I said, I’m not going to respond to every wiggle in the debt ceiling/budget deal debate.  But if the rumors flying around are true, and this is a deal that locks in $3 trillion in spending cuts today with new revenues to be named later, then it is a deal that makes me extremely nervous.

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5 comments in reply to "A Revenue-Generating Player to be Named Later?"

  1. Nadia_H says:

    Yeah, I hope Congressional Democrats kill it.

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah, technically, that would not be a ‘deal’, that would be a ‘con’.

  3. foosion says:

    Anyone who’s not extremely nervous about these negotiations has not been paying attention.

    In terms of hurting the middle class, which is worse, no deal or cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid combined with trillions in reduced demand in a slow economy with high unemployment? No deal means corporate America really pressures the Republicans.

    President Romney will go for a massive infrastructure program, proving that tax cuts are the answer to all questions. Congressional Republicans will support a program pushed by a Republican president. That’s the end game I see to Obama’s multi-dimensional chess.

  4. Carol says:

    Can y’all say Howdy?

  5. jo6pac says:

    with new revenues to be named later, then it is a deal that makes me extremely nervous.

    I’m not sure why you would be nervous, all of 0 other adventures started out this way and we all know how well they all turned out after corp. Amerika and comgresscritters got done with Main Street. There will be No added revenue in the near future or the far future, just more of uncle milton friedmans plan finally comes home. Oh well back to my garden.

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