A verse for Trump as he meets w/ Yellen on Thursday

October 18th, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Trump’s meeting with Fed Chair Janet Yellen tomorrow. Here’s some free advice, in verse!

When it comes to Cohn,
Leave him alone.

I worry that Powell
Might throw in the towel.

Sorry to be harsh
But do not go with Marsh.

We’ve all seen the trailer
Don’t be ruled by Taylor.

By now you’re probably smellen’
The idea that I’m sellen’
Steady as she goes, Trump:
Stick with Yellen.

For a bit more substance, here’s a piece from a few weeks ago about why reappointing Chair Yellen is the right move, not just for the economy, but for Trump himself. That said, I recognize that rational choice ain’t exactly ruling the day.

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