A Whiff of Reality?

October 14th, 2011 at 9:11 am

Not sure what to make of this—a Politico piece suggesting House R’s are thinking about some actual legislation that might actually help generate some economic activity (on transportation infrastructure—hat tip, LH)…and I wouldn’t make too much of it, but:

“Altogether, the increased legislative maneuvering shows a Republican majority grasping for a more proactive agenda that stretches beyond their “cut everything” mantra that has dominated this year.”

Along with their interest in a version of FAST! (one that has some serious limitations, but still…), R’s may be  recognizing that the Tea Party’s agenda of cut, liquidate, privatize, and isolate is…um…a bit unresponsive to reality.


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4 comments in reply to "A Whiff of Reality?"

  1. D. C. Sessions says:

    R’s may be recognizing that the Tea Party’s agenda of cut, liquidate, privatize, and isolate is…um…a bit unresponsive to reality.

    And with unresponsive to reality going for it, it’s unstoppable.

  2. perplexed says:

    Ah, the old “painting yourself into a corner problem.” Good thing for them that its others that pay the price for their recklessness; but they’ve still got to get out of the “corner” right? Too bad increasing revenue is not an option. So here comes another great GOP spending idea to be paid for by mythical supply side fairies. May just have to cut back on the safety net if the fairies don’t show up though. I guess we shouldn’t be too short sighted about this; just look at all the jobs that will get created cleaning up the environment after drill-baby-drill gets fully implemented! We’ll be in great hands if these guys can buy just a few more congressional votes and get stuff like this done without so much pesky governmental interference. Good timing though with campaign season upon us again. Its always nice to watch skilled “job creators” hard at work employing their craft isn’t it?

  3. markg8 says:

    When I read that in my Wonkbook email this am I googled to see if I could find more info and came up with this:


    Mica’s proposed 6 year road infrastructure bill is $238 billion, substantially less than the last one at $286 billion in 2005. Sadly it sounds more like the GOP wants to emphasize the “drill baby drill” pay for they know won’t fly for a talking point in next year’s election than they do in creating any jobs. I wonder who told Politico this was some eye opening blockbuster bill?

  4. Michael says:

    No, they’re faking a little left so they can cover for their overall agenda of burning the country to the ground.