And Paul (Krugman) Did Speaketh…

September 4th, 2011 at 1:00 pm

…on This Weeketh, as did I.

And we did say unto Christiane that with borrowing rates so low and unemployment so high, the President should go forth and announce a robust jobs plan to the multitudes, and thus should he smite unemployment.

And should the forces of darkness stand in opposition to the President, then he should speak unto those multitudes, and say unto them, “verily, verily—ye must recognize who is standing between you and your jobs!”

[Note: before our segment, there was a political panel with someone from the Tea Party whose main argument was: get the government out of Social Security!  I a) don’t know what that means, and b) can’t imagine why you’d want to run on that “plan.”]


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9 comments in reply to "And Paul (Krugman) Did Speaketh…"

  1. Kirk says:

    A Comeconomist? Really? Worketh for me, that is why I loveth thine blogeth! Love when I catch you on TV, usually Rachel Maddow.


  2. Bearpaw says:

    “‘… get the government out of Social Security!  I a) don’t know what that means …”

    I’m not sure, but I think it usually means something like “I hate the government now that it’s been taken over by Muslim socialists, so I want someone else to send me my checks.”

  3. perplexed says:

    There must be a somewhat sizable group of republicans with less than $1,000,000 in net assets and an IQ > room temperature that must be beginning to wonder how they missed out on their “share” of the pie in spite of their loyal support of the oligarchs. There also must be a way to explain to them (in very simple terms of course) that they are being used to support a system that diverts wealth and power to a very small group that will ultimately give them nothing but the hypertension that comes from their frustration.

    • rj says:

      Oh, yes; #2 is a project we all need to work on.

    • D. C. Sessions says:

      Yes and no. I’m in one of those groups that leans heavily right (engineers) which has had at most modest real income gains over the past 20 years. However, my colleagues don’t see that because they’ve been climbing a fairly steep seniority curve.

      Many of them are under water, but have every expectation that they’re be rolling in money (again?) once the usurper in the White House is gone and Nancy Pelosi is shipped off to a black site.

  4. AndrewBW says:

    And don’t forget Douglas Holtz-Eakin bleating that we’re facing a Greece-style debt crisis. Anyone who says this is either a) an idiot or b) a liar, and I don’t think DHE is an idiot.

  5. rj says:

    Please tell me you have the WH’s collective ear — and that they actually listen/read…

    (Though how seriously canst he be taken who useth “smote” when he meaneth “smite”? Oy, numbers guys…)

  6. Jeff H says:

    I watched This Week, and Douglas Holtz-Eakin should be barred from speaking about economics. We’re exactly like Greece, except for everything Greece is going through…

    How did you stay in your chair when he spouted that nonsense?

    • readerOfTeaLeaves says:

      Greece doesn’t even print its own currency… I found that comment cringe-worthy. Mr H-E needs some new talking points.

      The thing that really blew my mind was when he derisively tried to demean the FAST idea as just some kind of plan to make schools ‘prettier’ (!). I literally had to review the segment to be sure it was not simply my imagination.

      Since the 1960s, education has tried to base itself on learning research and build curriculum around good cognitive research. Lighting, sound, room size, and other factors affect social behavior and learning. For children learning to read, the auditory environment is extremely important – as is music and the arts for ‘whole brain’ learning.

      For the GOP and/or Douglas H-E to dismiss the importance of the learning environment is a travesty. It is dismissive of educators, pediatricians, kids, and those who work to create good learning outcomes. A nation as remarkable as the US deserves better than snippy, derisive comments on teevee.

      I wish Ms A would invite a few ed researchers on her show to help people understand the links between the school environment and student learning.
      Dismissing student learning a partisan issue, as Mr H-E sought to do, is insulting. Our kids deserve better.