Breaking (the) news: I don’t believe what Trump says and you shouldn’t either

January 23rd, 2017 at 1:37 pm

Over at WaPo.

Perhaps this is kind of a “duh” at this point, but I keep reading articles premised on the belief that our new president means what he says. But he doesn’t and that creates a unique set of challenges.

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4 comments in reply to "Breaking (the) news: I don’t believe what Trump says and you shouldn’t either"

  1. Robert Salzberg says:

    Yo JB, I don’t believe you believe what you wrote in paragraph 6:

    “in no small part because it’s impossible to provide more comprehensive coverage while spending less.”

    Do you really believe that every plan in the rest of the industrialized world that covers more of their citizens and spends less per capita doesn’t exist? Now if you had added a caveat about something that Speaker Ryan would likely usher through the House, that’s a different story….

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      Great point. I was using shorthand as I believe the way I put it is true unless you’re willing to go after insurers, big Pharma, drug patents, MD salaries, et al–ie, alter the cost structure of the system. Which nobody (in power) is talking about.

      • Robert Salzberg says:

        If you submitted caveats, WaPo edited them out. I was surprised you’d make such a un-policy wonk statement. The Trumptster has threatened to go after drug pricing so someone in power is talking about something that will positively affect the cost structure…will be interesting if Rs do that since they’ve been against it for so long

  2. Nick Batzdorf says:

    Or to put it succinctly (my favorite sign of many creative ones at the downtown Los Angeles march on Saturday):

    [Warning: if you’re bothered by totally appropriate use of the f word, don’t click on this]