Caddy Tax, Part 2: Responding to some fair criticisms

July 24th, 2015 at 10:40 am

Over at PostEverything. It’s an important tax with useful incentives. But my original post paid inadequate attention to some key features.

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One comment in reply to "Caddy Tax, Part 2: Responding to some fair criticisms"

  1. Randy Denman says:

    Hey JB, I asked you the other day about which bargaining position would give us the best chance in recouping potential loses during union negotiations, I’m still standing with your first piece of advice, and if the employer is thinking we’re bullish, than I’m confident we could make a convincing argument to an arbitrator in regards to moving health$ to wage$. Wage growth seems to be another issue altogether, past contracts have seen tepid growth. Is there any wonkish research I could utilize to argue for wage growth higher than inflation? In solidarity.