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Talking Top Salaries in Finance and the Gas Price Spike with Kudlow and Co.

February 21st, 2013

Had great fun co-hosting the Larry Kudlow show last night—yes, it was fun and interesting (though way, way too much of the Republican talking point: it’s Obama’s sequester!  That part was pure nonsense).  Anyway, check out this segment on the pay of finance CEO’s.  There you learn that as penance for his lack of oversight… Read more

Today’s Papers: Gas Prices and Simpson/Bowles II

February 20th, 2013

Random observations re political economy from the broadsheets: –Steve Mufson provides a useful account of what’s going on with gas prices.  Sometimes gas price spikes have obvious causes—like a geo-politically driven supply disruption—and sometimes, like now, it’s a bit harder to nail down what’s driving the spike.  Mufson reports that the current spike is a:… Read more