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Frankenstorm Sandy Approaches

October 28th, 2012

As goes the power, so goes the internet, and the likelihood of an outage here in the DC area is high, so if there’s radio silence from OTE for a few days, that’s why. Not to bring everything back to Keynesian economics, but the 10 year bond yield is 1.75%, the 10 year TIPs yield… Read more

Battery Powered Growth

October 19th, 2012

The Obama administration’s initiatives to invest in advance battery technology often get a bad rap, mostly because there’s an ideological bias against government “picking winners.”   That’s an unfortunate bias on many levels.  The demand for increased battery capacity is growing across the globe and the game is on for who will be poised to… Read more

Wonkblog Footnotes the First Presidential Debate

October 4th, 2012

Well, that was just wonk-a-delic—much more down in the policy weeds than I expected.   And of course, when that happens in this context, there’s going to be a lot of confusion and many facts that require checking. Thankfully, the WaPo’s Wonkblog army did an admirable and balanced job. This one is particularly important to… Read more