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The 411 on that meeting with Donnie, Chuck, and Nancy

September 11th, 2017

Based on various reports, Nancy Pelosi said that the surprise debt ceiling deal she and Senate minority leader Schumer cut with President Trump was partly a function of Schumer being able to “speak New York” to Trump. Here’s how it came down: Scene: White House, Oval Office Dramatis personae: Trump, Mnuchin, Pelosi, Schumer, a couple… Read more

It’s no mystery why Trump is alienating “fellow” Republicans. (Hint: they’re not really “fellows.”)

August 24th, 2017

Trigger warning: I’m stepping outside my econozone for some political commentary (don’t worry; I’ll make it quick). Sorry to do so, but I find this surprisingly naïve. At this late date, a lot of well-placed people still seem to miss President Trump’s sole motivation. I’m talking about these complaints from today’s papers that the President… Read more

A few words on Charlottesville

August 14th, 2017

I very rarely stray from my political econo-lane here at OTE, of which I’m duly proud. As some famous philosopher said, “That of which we do not know, we must not speak.” Clearly, he wasn’t a DC pundit. But I live in Virginia, a few hours away from Charlottesville. I had dinner last night with… Read more