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Sequester Watch, #11

July 1st, 2013

This week’s SW begins with an interesting and well-researched article in today’s WaPo on how sequestration hasn’t been nearly as bad as some people expected. Fair point, for sure, but let’s look a bit more carefully at what’s being claimed both in the WaPo piece and here at OTE. –The WaPo is looking specifically at… Read more

Sequester Watch, #10

June 24th, 2013

Lots more on local Head Start programs this week, but also more defense-related info week, including the impact of sequestration on furloughs, readiness, embassy security, and more. Here’s a bit of irony from one of the links below: “One of the fears about the federal budget cuts known as the sequester is that they could… Read more

Sequester Watch, #9

June 17th, 2013

Our ninth version monitoring the impact of sequestration on both the micro (lots this week on health care and research; also seniors) and the macro (see IMF stuff). One other point on this.  In discussions of sequestration, I not infrequently run into people who think it’s a one-year thing.  If we can just get through… Read more

Sequester Watch, #8

June 10th, 2013

This week, a “nice” collection of micro and macro impacts, from job markets to meals for homebound elderlies and Head Start slots for kids. As I mentioned on Friday, the sequester is beginning to reveal itself in the monthly unemployment data: In what looks like a sequester effect, the federal government has been shedding jobs… Read more

Sequester Watch, #7

June 3rd, 2013

It’s common practice to dump on the press for their short memories and tendency to chase drama over substance.  But as I hope this series has shown, our media has been quite vigilant in tracking the impact of sequestration when a lot of other folks have either forgotten about or decided it doesn’t matter much… Read more