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Ryan and the Chained CPI

April 1st, 2014

My Politico oped on the new Ryan budget is up and my wife just read it, liked it, but said, reasonably, that she didn’t get this part: Ryan also dings President Barack Obama for abandoning the “one significant reform he’s embraced,” changing the way Social Security payments rise with inflation, but he once again offers… Read more

Social Security and Elderly Poverty

November 22nd, 2013

I very much appreciate Paul K, Sens Harkin and Warren, and others who are putting an expansion of Social Security on the table.  Relative to fighting about cuts to the stalwart retirement program, that’s called “playing offense,” and given that Social Security is the most solid leg of the three-legged retirement stool (Soc Sec, pensions,… Read more

Is Economics a Science? (Spoiler alert: Nope…)

August 25th, 2013

Here’s an engaging read from this AMs NYT on why economics doesn’t qualify as a science, and, more fundamentally, asking what is it good for, anyway? On the first point, you’d probably be hard pressed to find even many economists willing to defend our discipline as a science, or at least anything resembling a hard… Read more