Contest results!

August 25th, 2015 at 2:43 pm

We have some winners to the latest episode of “where’s Jared?” It’s the VA Beach boardwalk, a crowded, bustling slice of Americana, with extra cheese! Along the way I learned that what the Romans call Neptune, the Greeks call Poseidon.

Those who had it right should submit a link to some music they’d like to share with the OTE community, along with a sentence or two as to why you chose that piece. It’s a family site, so nothing too nasty, please.

One winner, motivated by the specter of financial contagion in recent days, suggested this lovely number by the Beatles–Here, There, and Everywhere…a lovely tune, but it doesn’t sound like markets panicking!


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One comment in reply to "Contest results!"

  1. Dave says:

    I wasn’t a winner, but I’d like to recommend this old tune. The Eagles, “Easy Peaceful Feeling”.

    I recently watched the “History of the Eagles” on Netflix, and I learned that this tune was so popular in its time because there was a bunch of chaos, like the Vietnam war, the assassinations, etc…

    And then this tune came along that just put people at ease, like despite all of the world’s chaos, everything will be ok. That’s how it makes me feel.