Cut and Run

July 20th, 2011 at 2:30 pm

An opinion piece for CNN…

You want to shrink the gov’t to the point where it won’t be able to adequately meet the needs of either the economy or the people in it?  Then do it straight up and legislate the cuts.  Don’t jam it into the constitution.

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4 comments in reply to "Cut and Run"

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      Good piece, if not entirely intuitive.

      • Dilip says:

        Were you able to get to that “attached spread sheet” mentioned in that editorial? I had to squint really hard to locate the attachment on that page.

        P.S: Just for curiousity’s sake, I’d love to know what you felt was unintuitive about it.

        • Jared Bernstein says:

          Don’t get me wrong–I thought it was very well done. It’s just that I could see how some people would read that and figure it was cooked up, because it’s basically simulation. Might have been good to throw in some real-world evidence of this phenomenon.