Department of Intense Irony

December 19th, 2011 at 6:56 pm

While the House is getting ready to possibly repeal last Friday’s compromise on the payroll tax and UI extension, Speaker Boehner, who was for the compromise before he turned against it, is busy promoting only the fourth piece of legislation he’s sponsored since he become Speaker of the House: erecting a bust of Winston Churchill.

Now, you might think it odd that with 160 million workers facing a pay cut based on the dysfunctional shuffle going on in the House right now, with four job seekers per job opening, the Speaker would turn to the truly pressing problem facing Americans: the absence of such a bust.

At least they’re not trying to sell it as a jobs program.

The timing seems…um…off to me, but on the other hand, it was Churchill himself who famously observed that “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing…after they have exhausted all other possibilities.”

So, with the vote on the extensions coming up any minute now, let’s see if that chestnut still holds or if obstructionists in the House manage to prove the old Bulldog wrong.

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4 comments in reply to "Department of Intense Irony"

  1. D. C. Sessions says:

    The only appropriate comment (given the object in question): “I’ll drink to that!”

  2. jo6pac says:

    I’m just wondering was it Made in the USA or was it like the MLK statue in the mall designed by a Chinese artist that brought over Chinese stone masons?

    I second DC S idea, amazing on what’s important to the beltway and demodogs better use this for coming elections.

    I think I’ll go watch the 9er game.

  3. Tom in MN says:

    You really are going to leave it to me to say the following?

    This Congress has already given us plenty of busts.

  4. Jim says:

    Typical of the Obama administration, the payroll tax cut idea is weak and addresses the problem indirectly. We have massive unemployment and what do we do? Cut taxes for those employed. And also open the door further to the bogus argument about deficits in social security.

    The problem is that Obama doesn’t stand for any overriding principle. Does he stand for temporary payroll tax cuts or full employment? Does he stand for the average worker or for just slower cuts in vital safety net programs than the republicans want? Many feel grossly misled by this guy who pretended to be a visionary before getting elected. He doesn’t deserve to be re-elected and there’s a lot of us on the left who just laugh at his new faux progressive rhetoric. Stand for something Obama or go back to Chicago.