Don’t Leave Home!

May 7th, 2013 at 9:48 pm

Jeez, you go away for the day to warn North Carolinians about snake oil supply-side tax changes that will gut their revenues while shifting the tax burden onto lower-income households, and some candidate for governor proposes to do the same damn thing in your own state!

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II said Tuesday that if elected governor, he would cut business and individual income taxes by $1.4 billion a year and build on Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s “Bob’s for jobs!” slogan.

“My name doesn’t rhyme with ‘jobs’ like his did, but the focus is the same,” said Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate in the race to succeed term-limited McDonnell (R).

He unveiled his plan at SweetFrog, a frozen-yogurt chain that started in Richmond in 2009 and has grown to more than 250 locations in 18 states and several  countries. He noted that the company has had tremendous success even under Virginia’s current tax structure but that his proposal could make it  easier for companies to expand.

So lemme get this straight…the “jobs” plan here is to cut business and individual tax rates, losing $1.4 billion in revenue a year.  It was announced at a business that’s been extremely successful under the current tax regime, while recycling a campaign slogan based on a rhyme of a guy’s name that’s different from the candidate’s.

I’m going to sleep now.  Unless I’m asleep already and this is a just a bad dream.

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4 comments in reply to "Don’t Leave Home!"

  1. RaflW says:

    The bad dream is that the GOP have not been able to think up one decent job-creating policy since, ohhhhh, Reagan maybe.

    They just recycle the same taxcut B.S. for decades. And a largely innumerate and supine press just accepts that if Republicans say that tax cuts create jobs, well swell!, they must do so.

    Our national nightmare of ignoring economic research continues…

  2. D. C. Sessions says:

    The rhyme-slogan thing could still work:
    e.g. “Ken’s for Men!”

    Or he can go with his last name, which is alread well recognized in the one-syllable form of “Cooch.”

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      It rhymes but has an obvious problem re the gender mix of the electorate, no? Perhaps better would be this: I was telling my wife about this at breakfast this AM, and my 11-yo suggested “Ken’s for Pens!” Not great, but better…and frankly, a better description of the potential outcome of his “jobs” plan.

      • PattyP says:

        Given some of the things he’s championed (e.g., trans-vaginal ultrasound) I think D C Sessions was spot-on.