Friday Afternoon Musical Interlude

June 10th, 2011 at 1:38 pm

It’s time to make it funky.  Obviously, you’ve got to start with James Brown.

But I’ve always loved the funkulation of this particular Stevie Wonder jam, “I Wish.”   That kickin’ bass line starts it off and it just rocks steady from there on in.

Plus, given the logjam in the current jobs debate, the sentiment—“I wish those days (the ones where Keynesian stimulus was clearly the solution in the face of a large demand contraction) could come back once more!”—seemed timely.   (Sorry, I think I may have just defunkified the moment…)

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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3 comments in reply to "Friday Afternoon Musical Interlude"

  1. John says:

    Back at ya’, JB… 8^)

    (I’m a JB, too, but don’t tell nobody…)

  2. joel fass says:


    Don’t get me started on Stevie Wonder, or I’ll be writing tributes for days.

    But I’ll pull back and say only that besides responding to the beautiful melodies delivered by the angelic voice, especially the ballads (I wish I loved his lyrics as much, but no one’s perfect and the messages come through loud and clear)he’s long been a personal social force.

    CA 1972: Before jazz took a front row pew in my soul and refused to move, this middle-class Jewish kid from Canarsie (and the progeny of decidedly prejudiced parents) made regular sabbaticals to East New York—only a few miles away and several worlds away. The purpose: to hang out with Black teens like Hollis ‘Jay’ Googe and Mike Pelzer and listen to and ‘cop’ the great tunes from Talking Book and Music of My Mind. (and, yeah, to rebel…). In a trice I joined their band, Exit 9, wherein we covered those self-same tunes, among other R&B bedrock fare.

    Those tunes remain seated at the same pew as Charlie Parker.

    Now how about weighing in on Donny Hathaway?