Friday Blues Time

July 15th, 2011 at 12:45 am

“I woke up this morning, had them Statesboro blues…”

And not just any blues time, but Duane Allman blues time.  The late guitarist plays some of baddest slide blues guitar I ever heard on this live track from the Fillmore East.

[For the record, I used to go to the Fillmore East on Manhattan’s lower east side, and man, I still can’t believe what I heard there…one night–I must have been around 15 or 16—the Allman Brothers opened for the Grateful Dead.]

Anyway, Duane’s slide grabs you from the opening, but lately I’ve been focusing on the little licks he plays behind his brother Greg’s vocals.  Incredibly sly and creative.  Check out the lick he plays behind Greg when he sings “Love that woman!” at minute 3:34 and tell me if that doesn’t rock your world.


(On the road today and not sure how connected I’ll be, so maintain your plane until we meet again.)


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12 comments in reply to "Friday Blues Time"

  1. Paul Gottlieb says:

    Yes! Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, they all actually lived among us once!

  2. Rick Schaut says:

    If you like Duane, you should check out his heir-apparent, and most recent recipient of the Grammy for best contemporary blues album, Derek Trucks. Here he is with his current Allman Brothers side-kick, Warren Haynes:

    He and his wife, Susan Tedeschi, have just released a new album, “Revelator,” that’s received quite a bit of critical acclaim.

  3. Kevin Rica says:

    “..maintain your plane until we meet again” ???

    By God, Pickering! I think he’s got it!

    Even if he weren’t dead, I think that Alan J Lerner’s job is safe.

  4. ChacoKevy says:

    Not too far back in the the wayback when machine, one could actually see an entire album of music in the jukebox at the bar. “Eat a Peach” would of course be in there for hits like “Ain’t Wastin’ Time no More”, “Melissa” or “Blue Sky”. But how could one pass up the opportunity to play “Mountain Jam”. Such value!

  5. Stephen says:


    I love your commentary and read it often.

    I also love the double disk album that features this track. As great as this piece is, though (and it is great), I would argue that the “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” track is even better.



  6. Ken Dillon says:

    I was at the concert at which this number was recorded. It was on the weekend of March 12 – 13, 1971. As I recall, the Allman Brothers opened for Johnny Winter.

    I believe that Statesboro Blues was the opening number as well. Duane opened by saying, “We’re the Allman Brothers Band and we’re from Atlanta Georgia.” And “boom” that slide guitar rang out.

    Back then I used to go to the Fillmore East quite often as well. I lived just a few blocks away. I listened to some great musicians there, but none better than these guys.

  7. Ellie says:

    Very funky! Love the electric guitar. I enjoy all of your music interludes. Can’t wait to see what you post next!

  8. ljm says:

    I must be older than you are. I remember when I was around 15 or 16 going to a conert where The Grateful Dead opened for Iron Butterfly. I left when IB took the stage. I still remember the Dead’s performance which ended with Uncle John’s Band, which was new at the time.

  9. Frank Canino says:

    A fine lick it is Jared! I also saw the Allmans open for the Dead – Feb 1970
    Anyway, I love reading your blog and watching your vids – I guess I’m still waiting for that “one jam session too many”! Did a pretty cool wedding with Victor last night though – all the best – Frank

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      Wow…Frank C in the House! Now I feel better. Glad you’re busy in a tough economy…stay in touch.