Friday Interlude: Electronic Soul

September 23rd, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Outsourced to soul sister Sarah S:

As the ambassador for all things cool and hip (for this blog at least), my mind would not allow me to escape the band I instinctually thought of when given the task of picking the musical interlude of the week. 

If you have turned on the radio or any music video- playing channel in the past year, you probably noticed that electronic bands are back in a big way.  Some have been more successful than others and have managed to deliver an original sound with an interesting point of view.  In my opinion, no band has better embodied this evolving genre of music more than Little Dragon

This Swedish electronic band may be relatively new on the scene, but their new album “Ritual Union” is bound to define all that is good and inspiring about a brand of music that is often pegged as less than in terms of musicality.  The title track off of this new album provides the perfect taste of lead singer, Yukimi Nagano’s smooth, soulful vocals, which is only further complimented by the band’s jazzy electronic tune. 

All bundled up, Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union” delivers an entire playlist that is perfect for making any work day a little more funky (via headphone of course) or being the soundtrack to your dance party on Friday night.  Personally, I have found that as the seasons change and we head into fall, whether it be a sunny warm morning or a cloudy damp afternoon, this track always pumps me up, so enjoy!

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One comment in reply to "Friday Interlude: Electronic Soul"

  1. luko says:

    Now this is draggin the blog into the 21st Century!

    I like it! Thanks!