Friday Music Interlude…Movie Version…Outsourced to KM

March 31st, 2012 at 7:03 am

[Infusing OTE’s musical selections with the vibrancy of youth, I turn this week’s choice over to KM.  She choose a great, haunting song–one I never would have stumbled on, so thanks!]

Given the country’s current obsession with the Hunger Games, the novel and film about a young heroine in a dystopian future, I tried to tack on to the movie theme for today’s musical interlude.  However, though it’s awesome, the Hunger Games soundtrack seems a little too sad to usher in the weekend, so here’s something from another recent film (Drive) starring another American obsession (Ryan Gosling).  The opening credits set to the tune of Nightcall by Kavinsky are both retro and badass; just try to get this song out of your head.  And rent the movie while you’re at it.  (But unlike The Hunger Games, Drive is definitely not for tweens.)


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3 comments in reply to "Friday Music Interlude…Movie Version…Outsourced to KM"

  1. davesnyd says:

    So, speaking of the Hunger Games… is there such a thing as “economics of dictatorships”?

    The model in the book is an interesting one– a centralized administrative state with a dozen vassals, each of which produce, essentially, one commodity.

    The vassals are all kept impoverished and the central state is undeniably wealthy. Effectively, the vassals are prison camps. And the central state is a police state– watching everyone, everywhere, and imprisoning the majority of the populace.

    Assuming that the central state provides all of the guards/soldiers/administrators and that the vassal states make just enough for the wealth of the central state and to keep the other vassals just above starvation, can that work economically?

    My gut tells me no– North Korea would starve without food aid. On a slightly less prison camp basis, the Soviet Union collapsed and was never successful economically in its seven decades.

    Cuba is largely impoverished since their sponsor collapsed; it also isn’t a closed system since it relies on European and Canadian tourists for national income.

    How does China fit into this framework?

  2. Misaki says:

    Paul Krugman mentioned The Hunger Games too… reading the wiki, the thing I find most significant is that the main character got the highest “Training Score” of all the competitors I checked lol. So obviously favored to win, or even predestined!

    Without having read The Hunger Games book or watched the movie, I think the comparison to the book Battle Royale is valid… but can’t say whether I would care about anyone in The Hunger Games story. Were the “Career Tributes” expecting to have a final free-for-all once they eliminated everyone else or what, honestly!.. but more interesting than many other things that hit popular culture recently.

    Besides the explanation for Battle Royale was society’s health, while for The Hunger Games it’s just entertainment (“based on juxtaposition of a reality show + invasion of Iraq”).

  3. Sam says:

    Woo! Nightcall is the best.