Friday Music Interlude: Natch’l Blues

August 19th, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Back in the 1960s I bought an album, or maybe I kinda just gradually slipped it away from my older sister, the way younger brothers do, that I’ve listened to ever since.  If anything, it’s gotten better over the years.

That album–it’s a CD now, I guess–is the Natch’l Blues, by Taj Mahal.

It starts out with this steel guitar lick that sets the whole thing up and then the band swings in behind with a natural grove that will swing you right into your weekend.  Good Morning Miss Brown, indeed!  (After really busy days around here flappin’ my gums on the economy, I’m singing to myself–“too much conversation…hurt my tongue to talk!”)

Then listen to this beautiful, mellow, blue version of Corina.  If that doesn’t completely cool you out, then probably ain’t nothin’ nobody ken do fer ya.  I particularly enjoyed this YouTube video because it had all these great pics of the old album (who here remembers that old red Columbia label?!) and the album cover…brought me right back to the days.

And check out Taj’s harp solo—that’s some country blues, people.

I’ll take you out with She Caught the Katy—”you know my baby long, great gosh almighty my baby tall…she sleeps with head in the kitchen and her big feets out in the hall!”


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One comment in reply to "Friday Music Interlude: Natch’l Blues"

  1. Nylund says:

    “That album–it’s a CD now”

    They’re back to being called albums now, only by “album” people mean a collection of digital files all linked to the same jpeg of the cover art.