Friday Musical Interlude: BBK!

September 12th, 2014 at 9:07 am

Could it be that I’ve never featured BB King in a musical interlude…unforgivable! Here’s the man gettin’ down to bizness with Lucille (that’s his guitar’s name) and here’s his great explanation as to why he sings the blues. Both of these are from an album–as in vinyl–that I got in 1969!…now get the hell off my lawn!

Whatever made us break up, baby, I don’t know til today
But if it was my fault, I swear I’ll change my ways!

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6 comments in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: BBK!"

  1. Tiree says:

    If anyone can make me like jazz it will be you. I’ve always ignored it, because I don’t get it.

    I think a person has to have some internal conflict to enjoy jazz. I’m trying… I’m going to keep listening to your selections…

    What am I doing wrong? I just don’t get it much of the time. It seems erratic and non-melodic.

    How can I listen with a more educated ear?

    • Jared Bernstein says:

      I don’t have an answer to the “educated ear” problem. But if you listen to Wes Montgomery, all should become clear. The album Boss Guitar is where to start. Banish any thoughts about “education” or “getting it” and just listen. You’ll see…

      • Tiree says:

        Thank you, I’ll try that.

      • jo6pac says:

        I hardly ever agree with you on $$$$ matters but music is music. I always try and get by on Friday to listen to what you have put up. Short Story

        One Thursday night at Fillmore West it was a night of Blues with Buddy Guy, Albert King, and BB King. In the first set a young white guy walked to AK asked if could join them. AK looked over at Bill Graham and BG whisper in BK ear and a big smile came across his face. Then BBK and BG noticed the white guy and smiled. The white guy picked his axe and joined the fun. The late Mike Bloomfield at the end of the show said had never had that much fun in his life. The show started at 9pm lasted until 4am:)

        Good choice on the starter

    • jo6pac says:

      Educated Ear, just think of Jazz as America Classical Music and you’ll get it. I have a close friend that had this problem until he changed his way of educated listening:)

  2. Tiree says:

    I have very rich friends. I have family members that avoided riches for security ( and they’re kind of rich),

    We have the skills to make us the top of society. Few of us have gotten there. Lusting after entrepreneurial ideas is crazy to me. I’m an entrepreneur. It sucks! Nobody, and I mean nobody, will encourage an entrepreneur. Not ever. This is why successful people are so jaded. It’s like saying, “Fuck you!” to the whole wold that tells them no.

    So they have their riches. It might be me soon. However, the major part of our economy is not like this. …