Friday Musical Interlude: It’s About to Get Even Hotter

July 22nd, 2011 at 8:36 am

It’s going up to 102 in DC today.  I could try to bring down the temp, I guess, with something crisp and cool, but I’m going the other way.  I’m going to make in even hotter with about the funkiest three minutes you’ve ever heard.

It’s Aretha Franklin’s Rock Steady.  Lady Soul morphs into Lady Funk for this track and the band behind her is truly kickin’ it old skoo.

Listen—and if you’re not going to blast this on good speakers or headphones, then there is no more you and me—to the section around 2:28 where it’s just Aretha and the drummer (Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, I think)—incredibly funky drumming.  And then listen to Aretha just screamin’ and moanin’ at 2:47.

“What it is” is I might be doin’ this funky dance all night!!”

Update: Here’s the Queen rockin’ steady live–hat tip, ABW.

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7 comments in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: It’s About to Get Even Hotter"

  1. ChacoKevy says:

    I’ll listen to the clip when the work day is done, but seeing the name Bernard Purdie was the trigger for me to start listening to the King Curtis Fillmore album in my head.

  2. Dilip says:

    And for my part, like I hope to do every musical interlude of yours, I’d like to direct you to this:

    (Some blended version of what Bach composed is inside but I am too much of a musical ignoramus to know exactly what that would be)

  3. David Dunaway says:

    Thank you for the music selection!!! All this stuff going on in government regarding the debt gets me down. This (Rock Steady) has been the tonic! I really enjoy reading your articles – they are intelligent, clear and easy to understand!

  4. Mary says:

    That was awesome. I love the Queen of Soul. Actually, I love soul, funk, and the blues. Stevie Wonder, James Brown. More awesomeness.

    I think I may go relax now after this super stressful day.

  5. Jackson says:

    A most awesome choice! Aretha meets Sly. The world goes wild! One thing I’ve started to think about, hearing ‘Retha as I exercise — she made her back-up singers work. The singers here are part of the rhythm section. But back when she recorded “I Say a Little Prayer” — a piece Bacharach/David glutten that typically provokes retching in me — it’s only the back-ups who actually sing the chorus.

    No wonder, in retrospect: Aretha is a preacher’s daughter. She knows how to make us all sing “amen”.