Friday Musical Interlude: Music for All

November 4th, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Two entries this week.

First, a friend turned me onto this song by the indie group Blind Pilot.  I’d never heard them but I love the song, the singing, and the unusual sonority of their instrumentation.  There’s also a real OWS spirit to this piece, both in the lyrics and the drum-circle drumming.

Second, for reasons I won’t go into, the Mozart opera “The Magic Flute” loomed large for me this week.  And so I stumbled on this remarkable segment from Ingmar Bergman’s wonderful—with the emphasis on “wonder”—film version of the opera.  It’s the first trio of the three ladies—those beautiful but duplicitous assistants to the Queen of the Night (aficionados may object to the Swedish, but these women are so great that ever since I saw them, whenever I hear this music, I picture them).

If you can find four minutes and forty seconds anywhere near this blissful in any corner of this here earth, please let me know.

Triumph! Triumph! Triumph!


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3 comments in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: Music for All"

  1. NHON TRAN says:

    Thanks. Good taste in music.

    Watching the various “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations, I can’t help remembering Stephen Stills and the Buffalo Springfield “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” (1966) (The rest of the song is not relevant to current developments).

  2. luko says:

    Blind Pilot was a good find. And I think the rest of Buffalo Springfield’s lyrics ARE apropos.

    Yeah, it’s been a tough week. Honestly, I am getting worn out. I don’t know how you do it. I’m trying to explain the whole OWS We Are the 99 Percent business to all kinds of people who are really freaked out about the whole thing.

    So Jared, did you see Andrew Ross Sorkin trying to talk to Mr. Home Depot this morning? The whole “I’m not the 1%! You’ve demoted me! I’m the 1/100th of 1%!!!” And poor Andrew the look on his face…priceless. Well, I’m in the business and between trying to talk calmly to the retail side who’s clients panic at every turn and to coworkers who honestly believe Obama wants to take their money and give it to welfare queens so they can have iphones is wearing me out.

    We need better messaging!

    How about starting with this…every time Mr. Home Depot gets on the air, we say “Sir we’re not talking redistribution here…we’re talking about paying the bills…bills that have already been rung up! So what’s your plan to pay the bills? And no, cutting funding for PBS and the NEA is not a plan!”

    It has been a very very long grind these past few years. And I am one of the lucky ones.


  3. Another Matt says:


    I know you’re a Mozart fan. Do you know his C-minor mass? Here’s the real gem: