Friday Musical Interlude: My Favorite Fugue

October 14th, 2011 at 4:51 pm

It’s incredible to me that a human could write this music like this.  But Bach did it all the time.

I mean, the way subject of the fugue gets developed, built upon, passed around between the keyboards and the orchestra—it seems you’d need a supercomputer to put something so complex together, but only the human mind could create music this beautiful (the other two movements of this piece are just as great). 

Plus I love these performers, both the keyboardists and the orchestra…they totally capture the spirit of the thing.  

Have a great weekend.

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8 comments in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: My Favorite Fugue"

  1. Bev Fehrenbacher says:

    Regarding your economic analysis of Republicans.
    The problem with your analysis is that 1. The government should not be in the business of taxing for a social result, but for equality and sufficient funds to do the necessary functions of government. 2. The resulting tax relief for capital gains and dividends would encourage saving and investing like never before, that would result in more tax revenue from the the resultant successful businesses and more people would be in a position to save sufficient funds for their retirement.

    • wunelle says:

      There’s no intrinsic “should” to it. It’s up to us to determine what government should and should not be in the business of doing.

      The hands-off approach you promote is old as the hills as theory and pretty soundly disproven in fact over the past 30 years. Capital gains and dividends are already taxed at a very low rate and businesses are sitting on mountains of cash, neither investing nor hiring.

      Let the wage EARNERS keep more of their labors, fine; I can’t think why we shouldn’t tax the hell out of money earned by other money. We’re in quite a hole and we must pay what we owe.

  2. the buckaroo says:

    …now that was music, great call. Jumped from there to The Lark” from Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition…heck of a segue. Thanks for the path.

    Get a hold of the Hoax & turn it up to eleven…if you haven’t already.

  3. wunelle says:

    Bach is inexplicable. Never a false not, never an overstatement, never a lack of taste. In SO MUCH output.

    This clip is brilliant, and it always amazes me how there is nothing genre-specific about his music. He sounds brilliant on modern Steinway or fortepiano or synthesizer or steel drum.

  4. wunelle says:

    sorry, *note*.

  5. Jackson says:

    Great choice, JB. The new generation of Italian early music bands kicks butt — look at all those string players standing and making those instruments heard! And the energy of the soloists — awesome!

    I think that one of the beauties of Bach is how truly organic his compositions are. Whether it’s an opening allegro in a concerto or a slow, poignant dance, Bach’s music always emerges from a single theme. And that’s why he’s known for his fugues. Jeebus, they’re organic enough for a vegan!

    Also, love the nein nein nein meme. Totally brill!!!

  6. Elizabeth Arndorfer says:

    Fabulous Fugue!

  7. Ben Leet says:

    Try this instead:
    Lionel Hampton and Oscar Peterson