Friday Musical Interlude: “Old School”

September 6th, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Hey, I wrote a jazz tune!  I was driving up the NJ Turnpike the other week when this song just popped into my head.  And it wouldn’t go away so I wrote it down and sent to the supremely awesome jazz artist Sue Maskaleris, who was kind enough to play it on one of her gigs the other day.  Check it out!  I call it “Old School” since it reminds of the old Blue Note stuff I came up with.

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5 comments in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: “Old School”"

  1. larry kohr says:

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  2. Sue says:

    Lovely! Between this and the image of the rejection of Benji, the tapering tapir, you’ve made my day and my weekend.

  3. Kevin Rica says:

    Thanks to the miracle of Spotify, after just not being interested in Jazz until a few months ago, I am suddenly fairly obsessed with it. The only thing I really know about Jazz is that I know what I like.

    And I honestly like that. I just can’t articulate why.


  4. Larry Kart says:

    Nice one — somewhat reminiscent of Duke Jordan, perhaps.