Friday Musical Interlude, outsourced (HT:HS)

December 2nd, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Jared is working to make the Friday Musical Interlude younger and trendier, so please don’t tell him that I jammed out to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors this morning on the metro (in my head, of course–I have the best interests of innocent bystanders in mind!), or that I listened to a very Neil Young-heavy playlist while cleaning my room last night. Fact: this 23 year old loves herself some old school folk music. But I try not to be totally untrendy by looking for new music that sounds like old music (is that sad?). So today I bring you a BRAND NEW song from someone who knows how to take cues from the late greats: Mr. Ryan Adams.

Ryan draws influence from old-school country-rock guys like Gram Parsons and Willie Nelson, and he’s got some awesome collaborations with Emmylou Harris for folk lovers like me. And I’m feeling a little Dylan influence on this title track from his newest album, Ashes and Fire. A little bit of country, a little bit of rock n’ roll (sorry, I had to!), a little bit of angsty musician edge.

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One comment in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude, outsourced (HT:HS)"

  1. JoyousMN says:


    No idea who I’m typing to…

    I’m a 50yo political geek and music lover, so I came here looking for politics, but got sidetracked on your music post.

    I have a hard drive with over 300gigs of music from the 60’s through the aughts. And I’m sick of all my old stuff. So I keep trying to find new music.

    But, I can understand your liking the old stuff. Fleetwood Mac of that era was pretty great stuff. That album, and Fleetwood Mac, just prior to Rumors is good too. Both got me through some pretty tough times

    There’s a lot that’s good…if you haven’t heard it over and over before, so enjoy.