Friday Musical Interlude: Rockin’ w/ Big Joe T

February 26th, 2016 at 4:41 pm

An old friend points me toward this video of one of the greatest blues shouters of all time, Big Joe Turner, singing (ie, lip syncing) Feelin’ Happy. The racial segregation of the era is clear from the clip, but man, what a groove and what a voice. FTR, rock and roll starts here.

If this don’t turn you on, you may not have a switch.

Let the good times roll,
Let the good times fly!

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One comment in reply to "Friday Musical Interlude: Rockin’ w/ Big Joe T"

  1. joel fass says:

    Hey, old buddy. I worked with Mr. Turner in ’81, at Tramps. He was pretty well senile by then, sorry to say. I later watched a video of him in his prime, and was stopped in my tracks by the salaciousness, yes the evil, in his voice. And he could suggest a lot of sexuality with his eyebrows.

    After the one rehearsal (at which Dr. John sat in and I played a slow blues with him) the only time he turned around in his wheelchair was when the band didn’t pick up his tempo. ‘What we waitin’ on?’

    His comments to the crowd were routinely ‘we’re gonna sit back and relax. Not bound for heart attacks’, and ‘eat, drink, and be hearty. Let’s enjoy the party’. The repertoire? Blues in C, at two tempos: shuffle and slow. I dug it, anyway…