Good for You, CVS!

February 6th, 2014 at 8:34 am

There’s as CVS drug store a few blocks from home that I often pop into for this or that.  Next time I do so, I’m going to feel particularly good about shopping there:

CVS, one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains, said Wednesday that it will stop selling cigarettes at its 7,600 locations in an expensive but calculated bid to boost its image as a full-fledged health-care provider rather than a simple purveyor of greeting cards and shampoo.

Executives said the move will cost the company $2 billion a year in lost sales. But they are gambling that abandoning smokers will help them strike more profitable deals with hospitals and health insurers — and appeal to growing ranks of customers newly insured under the Affordable Care Act.

What’s that?  I’m being naïve as they’re just making a play for bigger bucks in the health care space??

Sure, that’s the play, but they don’t have to abandon tobacco sales to make it so good for them for doing so.  I often thought more merchants should differentiate themselves along such lines.  Like I said, next time I’m over to CVS to buy some Q-tips, I’ll do so with a smile.

BTW, don’t be surprised if there’s a spate of op-eds accusing the chain of going socialist, despite the fact that they’re a private business making a private decision.  Remember the anti-union thugs down in TN.


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2 comments in reply to "Good for You, CVS!"

  1. wendy beck says:

    Great decision by CVS and this does more for their branding than they will lose in ever-diminishing cigarette sales. I’ve noticed lately that CVS has taken up residence (at least in San Francisco) right next door to Trader Joe’s — another good move.

    Though I prefer Walgreens (union labor) and neighborhood druggists, I’ll be interested to see how CVS and these minute clinics go. I do worry, however, about getting medical care in a place that profits from prescriptions. I don’t ever want to have to think about whether I am being prescribed something because of a profit motive.

  2. Tammy Gottschling says:

    I have 19 cigarettes and I pray for the grace to quite.