Halloween Special: How to Scare an Economist!

October 30th, 2014 at 5:22 pm

We econo-types come in lots of different flavors and we all have our demons. Assuming you’d like a Halloween costume that would scare one of us, here’s a handy typology. I even put in a couple of ideas to frighten some of my CBPP friends.

Feel free to add others to the comments section. Better yet, put on one of these and take a selfie and, if it’s not too scary, I’ll post it!

Type of Economist Scary Costume
Microeconomist A Harberger Triangle
Macroeconomist An Okun Gap
Democrat economist Balanced Budget Amendment
Republican economist Rising Debt/GDP ratio (but they’re just pretending to be scared)
Econometrician Heteroskedastic errors!
Forecasters Actual outcomes
Fed economists Unanchored inflationary expectations
Chye-Ching, Chuck A tax loophole or even scarier, forgone revenue
Bernanke Rick Perry (and vice versa, of course)
UAW economist The trade deficit, or more subtly, the undervalued yuan
Rational expectations economist Reality
Econ grad student Negative externality
Thomas Piketty g>r
Me A supply side economist


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8 comments in reply to "Halloween Special: How to Scare an Economist!"

  1. Leigh Caldwell says:

    Behavioural economist: an effect size

  2. Jill SH says:

    HA! (says the expiring NH state rep) I’ve just told people I’m the scariest person of all: A Politician!

    But can’t use that after this year. I decided not to run again.

  3. Key says:

    neoclassical economists: any heterodox approach

  4. Larry Signor says:

    How to scare an economist? Invoke the magic words…”Jared Bernstein or Dean Baker”. Then the unmenches will know, put up or shut up.