Hannah Shaw…Live! On the Jobs Report

June 1st, 2012 at 4:52 pm

CBPPs research associate Hannah Shaw and I go through the guts of today’s tough jobs report. And while somebody says “quantitative easing” it doesn’t get too wonky.

(h/t, CW)

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One comment in reply to "Hannah Shaw…Live! On the Jobs Report"

  1. speedbll says:

    Gridlock is exactly what the Republican ideologues want. This jobs report was like an early Christmas present to them. Boehner was almost giddy over it. This is a Republican produced problem now, almost entirely, make no mistake. Mortagage relief, real mortgage relief, is the only avenue I see for the President here. A natural disaster would also help. I’m not kidding. A Major hurricane, earthquake, flooding, take your pick but disaster relief would produce an uptick in government spending and that’s the only way to take up the slack in demand right now.