Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 8/20 – 8/27

August 27th, 2012 at 10:50 am
  • Considering a question about the role of government:  do Americans and their elected representatives actually want a much smaller government?  (Spoiler:  not really.)
  • Highlighting a New York Times piece listing 14 potential causes of income slump:  but what about full employment?
  • Laying out the flaws in Gov. Romney’s tax plan:  there is not enough revenue in the base broadeners to offset the losses from the rate cuts.
  • Outlining some very useful pieces on the Medicare dust up.
  • Analyzing the Pew Research Center’s new report on the decline of the middle class.
  • Explaining why adjusting income for family size isn’t necessarily correct.

Music:  a rare Tuesday musical interlude, starring Lee Morgan circa 1967.
Bonus:  a video breakdown of going over the fiscal cliff (and back?), featuring Thelma & Louise.


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One comment in reply to "Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 8/20 – 8/27"

  1. John T says:

    I believe that the decline in middle-class income is largely due to increasing automation. This will start to impact more highly skilled workers as well. In fact, any knowledge-based occupation is fair game for increasing automation and robotization. For example, it may be possible for a computer to analyze body scans. Before that, it would be quite easy for a doctor in say, India to analyze the scan at a fraction of the cost. This increasing automation will disconnect a large proportion of the population from an opportunity to earn a living.