Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 11/25 — 12/15

December 15th, 2014 at 2:05 pm
  • On November’s employment numbers: my first impressions of the month’s solid employment report, asking Congress and the Fed not to mess up the recovery, and questioning Twitter’s role in compressing the employment report news cycle.
  • On the 2015 budget: describing why House cuts for the IRS are a big mistake, explaining how the CRomnibus actually cuts discretionary spending to historic lows as a share of GDP, and analyzing the budget deal, underpriced risk, and financial market instability.
  • Diving deeper into the weeds of CBO’s recently updated household income data.
  • Explaining why Congress’ tax extender deal is a lame duck turkey.
  • Examining why our macroeconomy is doing so much better than Europe’s.
  • Looking at policies that are both pro-growth and promote greater income equality.
  • Pointing out some serious nonsense on CBO from the WSJ editorial board.
  • Analyzing the debate surrounding the nomination of Antonio Weiss for under-secretary of the Treasury.
  • Examining the increase in the average hourly wage in November’s strong jobs report.
  • Jotting down my version of the progressive agenda on a little bag. Take that, complexity!
  • Observing the House and the Fed going in opposite directions on financial market oversight.
  • Highlighting my talk to the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network’s 10th anniversary party.
  • Reviewing three stories that caught my eye in Sunday’s papers.
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