Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE 6/24 — 6/30/14

June 30th, 2014 at 12:03 pm
  • On PostEverything: pointing out the White House’s missed opportunity on the federal gas tax and looking at government gridlock and its damaging effect on social policy.
  • On the Upshot: evaluating the benefits of regional price adjustments for a minimum wage increase that makes more sense.
  • Analyzing the role of health spending in the latest GDP revision.
  • Arguing that we can’t ignore the political realities that block thoughtful ideas that fight back against poverty.
  • Providing context for the negative Q1 GDP revision.
  • Pointing out the culprit behind the Kansas’s failed tax cut experiment.
  • Fleshing out some lessons in recent macro debates re the causes of and cures for the Great Recession.

Music: featuring an uncannily take of an old classic from the blues kid — he’s got the moves, the sound, and even kills it on the harp in this week’s musical interlude.

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