Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 3/11 – 3/25

March 25th, 2013 at 2:56 pm
  • On the ongoing budget madness:  noting that the Ryan budget looks a lot like the platform he and Gov Romney ran on, and lost on, last year; arguing that  these budgets have little to do with the actual agreements that determine actual revenues, outlays, and policies; joining the chorus of voices in support of Congressional Progressive Caucus’ budget; and condensing some various points about the House and Senate budgets.
  • On Cyprus:  Laying out two early lessons from the ongoing Cyprus bank debacle and explaining how it seems like everyone is getting economic policy all backwards
  • Considering an economic rights movement:  we might have a better future if along with all the powerful graphics, we thought a little more about what it would take to actually implement progressive economic change.
  • Speaking of impressive graphics, pointing to a cool data source from those stalwart number crunchers at the Economic Policy Institute.
  • Looking at the (non-)relationship between a country’s debt level and its growth.
  • Highlighting a few pieces from the papers:  on the expansionary contraction crowd, Cyprus, H1Bs & the housing market.
  • Delving into health care cost data:  are health costs really slowing?  And what does it mean if they are?
  • Using a Toles cartoon to help explain the Republicans’ attempts turn around their electoral fortunes.
  • Announcing the results of the first-ever OTE contest.
  • Showing that, contrary to the talking point that government spending is spiraling out of control, it only went up 0.6% between 2009-2012.
  • Considering an opportunity to study the economic impact on jobs, wages, and prices as a natural experiment on the Arizona border.
  • Recapping some great fun on the Bill Maher show  with the wonderful Rachel Maddow and reasonable Republican former Congressman Tom Davis.
  • Musing from 32,000 feet:  why does Rep. Paul Ryan get so much attention?
  • Looking at the deficit/GDP ratio and the unemployment rate:  which trend bothers you more?

Music:   one Friday Musical Interlude courtesy of picks from OTE contest winners and another featuring one of the first jazz tunes I ever heard.

Bonus:  a piece from yours truly in The Washington Post on trends that are hurting kids’ ability to realize their potential and lots of policy ideas to help them.

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One comment in reply to "Hey, What’d I Miss? OTE Summary, 3/11 – 3/25"

  1. R. Nemo says:

    All the sciences have a pollution problem from sociological biases and ideologies. But economics seems to be the worst case scenario on all “illogical fronts.” It is too sad as it affects people so much. Money, after all, does not exist in the real world. It is just a convention of the human mind. A non-personified abstraction. Trees, people and fish are real. Ideas are not. It is a bit pathetic that humans cannot even manage their own mythic systems. It is a big joke actually!

    They–the mythic systems– just function in human social interactions. If the stupid monkey that we are died off–money would vanish with us. As well as the GODS (another social fiction). Both ideas appeal to me. I think our time needs to end. What are we good for as a species anyway? Not much of anything.

    If we cannot even control our own symbolic systems what use are we to ourselves? Not anything really. Homo sapien sapien is a misnomer. We are Homo moronicus.